Homemade Focaccia Bread (approx 30 pieces) $20


Nonna's plain pizza- Oregano, salt and pepper $15
Homemade Pizza - Tomato base, basil & mozzarella $20
Homemade Pizza- Tomato base, shredded ham off the bone, mozzarella and olives (approx 25 pieces) $20
Bread loaves (4 loaves) $15

Marinated Antipasto platter (marinated capsicums, grilled eggplants, marinated artichokes, sundried tomatoes, marinated olives) $30
Marinated capsicums $15
Mini pepper bell filled with feta $12

French D'affonois Camembert  Full Wheel $170 | Half Wheel $90 | Quarter Wheel $40
  Smoked Salmon 600g

Smoked Trout 500g


       C O C K T A I L    
   Brushetta Station 
Garlic rubbed toasted bread topped with fresh tomatoes infused in basil, extra virgin olive oil (approx 30 pieces)

Beetroot Cured Salmon
Cream cheese with dill & capers on bread or fine crackers (approx 20 pieces) 
Smoked Salmon 
Cream cheese with dill & chives on bread or fine crackers (approx 20 pieces)

Roasted Capsicums
Topped with Meredith goats cheese on mini toasts (approx 20 pieces)

S A L A D S 
Cyricot Grain Salad topped with fresh natural yoghurt  v
Freekah, lentils assorted nuts, parsley, corinader, currants & lemon 
Individual $4.80 ( min order 5)

Rocket Salad  v
Rocket, Parmesan, Pear & Walnuts with extra virgin olive oil,balsamic vinegar & lemon 

Individual $4 (min order 5)

Greek Salad  v
Tomato, cucumber, onion, kalamata olives, cos lettuce, capsicum topped with feta cheese

Individual $4 ( min order 5)

Pasta Salad  

Char grilled vegetables, bacon, pasta, pine nuts, fresh cucumber & rocket
Individual $4.50 ( min order 5)

Cauliflower and Cranberry Salad 

Roasted Cauliflower infused in turmeric oil, on a bed of natural yoghurt with parsley, cranberries, pomegranate, pine nuts & roasted almonds
Individual $4.50 each 

A D D   A   P E T A L
Flower arrangements (all vary in season and types)
Greenery $10
Small (2 Flower types | Greenery in a round vase) $30
Medium (3 Flowers types | Greenery in a large vase) $45
Large (3 flower types | Greenery in foam) $60
Exotic (2 steams of white phalaenopis orchids | white roses or similar | Greenery in a tall vase) $85

S W E E T E N   M Y   G R A Z E
Vanilla Panna Cotta with Raspberry/Mixed berry or Strawberry topping $3.00 each
Tiramisu, biscotti dipped in rich Italian coffee served with soft creamy vanilla mascarpone topped with cocoa $3.00 each
Passionfruit/Mixed berry cheesecake with biscuit crumb base $3.00 each
Ricotta slice with rich dark chocolate pieces $2.50 per slice
Sticky date bites $2.20 each
Coconut & Chocolate Truffles $16 for 15-20 pieces
Museli cups topped with apple stew and fresh natural yoghurt $3.5 each

Vanilla Chia seed pudding topped with fresh seasonal berries $4 each



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